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Wellness & Health Market in China Surges to 8 Trillion Yuan by 2020

Date:2017-11-14 15:11:07

The high-profile economist from USA, Paul Zane Pilzer creatively refers WELLNESS to the next trillion dollar industry, being the FUTURE FIFTH WAVE OF WEALTH! It is reported that the global wellness economy reached $3.7 trillion in 2016 and growth is expected to accelerate by 17% in the next five years. 

Throughout the world, China is endowed with the longest history in wellness and health, in which focus on the disease precaution. Due to the increasingly improved health awareness and living standard of people, the wellness and health market in China embraces a blowout with 20% - 30% growth.

Told by the Press Conference of 2017 Wellness Industry Forum & 2018 International Wellness Industry Expo held in Guangzhou China, the market size of wellness and health industry in 2016 was estimated at 4 trillion yuan. As of 2020, it is predicted to scale up to 8 trillion yuan as the elderly above 65 years old make up approximately 13% of the national population, at that time.

Driven by such tremendous market demand and vast development space, resource allocation as well as the industry formulation for wellness and health are inevitable. Guangdong province in which takes the lead in wellness and health industry, makes essential strides. 2018 International Wellness Industry Expo which is slate on 27-29 June, 2018 is under the auspices of Guangdong Provincial Health Association(GDYS) and the leading Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group.

Resource Allocation of Wellness Industry
During the Press Conference, a group of prominent government officers were welcomed to deliver speeches, including Vice Minister of Guandong Provincial Department of Promotion, Former Party Secretary of GuangDong Academy of Social Science, Former Vice Head of Guangdong Health Department, Vice Headmaster of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Honorary President of Guangdong Provincial Health Association(GDYS). On site, they unveiled the essentials of wellness industry overall.

2018 International Wellness Industry Expo(Wellness China 2018) gets down to the special wellness and health industry. With focus on Guangdong province, Wellness China 2018 will also reach out to global cultures. By bringing the distinguished entrepreneurs, experts, and other insiders at abroad, Wellness China 2018 takes active part in enhancing people’s future wellness and health.
Concurrently, a host of thematic events will be held, comprising International Wellness Summit2018, Chinese Medical Wellness Forum2018, 2018 Forum for Chronic Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation, 2018 Top Ten Chinese Health Brands Award, National Nutrition and Health Activities 2018, Health Culture of China Activities 2018. Wellness China 2018 bridges the platform to raise wellness concept and achieve mental & physical health of people.
Great Gathering of Industry Bigwigs
The Press Conference brought a batch of industry bigwigs under the same roof, including President of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, Vice President of Guangdong Provincial Health Association. During the speech part, Guangdong Provincial Health Association facilitating Guangdong provincial and even China’s wellness and health industry was highly acclaimed. And therefore, the launch of Wellness China 2018 has earned a lot of praises and expectations. 

The Press Conference Dinner was particularly rewarded for all supporters. Besides the mellow wine and delicacies, wellness runway show vitalized the on-site vibe. As the flagging music, the Press Conference came to the end successfully!

Last but not least, International Wellness Industry Expo 2018(Wellness China 2018) will see you on 27 June, 2018 at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center.